Highly Scalable, Over 80% Serverless powered by AWS

Appomax is made using AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) and mostly serverless services. From the AWS IoT Core to the Aurora Serverless Database, Lambda and of course S3.

AWS IoT Oore

Aurora Serverless Database

Lambda, API Gateway


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Compatible with any Secured IIoT Gateway

with X.509 Authorization

Crimson 3.x Red Lion Controls

King Pigeon IoT

Banner Snapsignal

Siemens IOT2050

Turck IoT Gateway

and many more...

Modern Design

Modern Application with Modern Design. Comfortable to view and easy to use

Light & Dark Theme

Comfortable to view

Easy to use

Simple and quick to learn

Our awesome features

Core Features

The core features in our platform help to build a strong foundation for Data Scientists, Data Analyst, and Software Engineers to work and build on top of the platform


View the connection status and the health of your machines.

Asset Modeling

Datapoint Measurement Properties Asset Digital Representation

Assets & Asset Properties

Mapp your Data Points to the Name Alias. Create Formula & Functions. Aggregating your Data & perform Data Transformation.

Visualization & Alerts

Quickly visualize your data, and create automated reports.

Our awesome features
IoT Dashboard

See the dashboard from the Web Application in your Desktop Brower and Mobile phone

Our awesome features
Grafana Dashboard

Utilize the power of Grafana to visualize the time-series data as we embed it in our platform

Our awesome features
Amazon Quicksight

Built-in Business Intelligence with Embedded Analytics with Amazon Quicksight

Our awesome features
Alerts & Notifications

Get updates when you need it. The platform comes built in with alert to our Mobile App, LINE, and Email

Competitively Priced

ราคาดี เริ่มต้นที่ ฿35,000